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Ma Huiteng counterattack Ma Yun: 900 million users only 1% see WeChat "insurance" function

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Compared to the ant gold dress large layout, Tencent seems to have no major financial sector action. But the fact is, Tencent financial dormant for many years, has been low-key layout. The insurance license to take this, counterattack Ali's horn has been sounded.

In the past few years, a fierce attack on the gold ant clothing, Tencent financial low-key layout. Ma Huateng once said: "The core of finance is stability and pride, who is the key to the fight, not who will run fast in the short term."

Fund Jun understand that at present this function is still open beta stage, only open to 1% of the WeChat users, so most of the partners open WeChat wallet can not see ......

1% What concept? According to Tencent's second-quarter earnings in 2017, as of the end of June, the number of active accounts in WeChat reached 963 million. That is to say, 9.63 million users today can experience new features and buy insurance in WeChat wallet.

More importantly, this is Tencent's first insurance platform holding Oh.

In fact, Tencent just got the insurance agency license approved by the CIRC in September this year. The main body of this micro-insurance is the micro-insurance company approved at that time. The official launch of the insurance products, has shown Ma Ambition ambitious, really want to turn our lives all inclusive.

In addition, Alipay has long been introduced ant insurance platform, and a number of large insurance companies, introduced a full range, a large number of insurance products.

The two major Internet giants have received insurance licenses, a big way to force in the insurance field, the entire insurance industry are boiling. Fund Jun is looking forward to the future who can really subvert the traditional insurance industry, can once again create a new "explosion"?

Together with this important license insurance, Ma, Ma two Internet Gangster this is a collection of banking, insurance, payment, credit and other financial licenses, to create a financial empire.

Many micro-medical insurance to subvert the traditional

Fund Jun can not wait to try Tencent new online insurance services.

At present the micro insurance interface is relatively simple, the main products are "micro medical insurance and medical insurance. The fund Jun learned that this" micro insurance products provided by Taikang online Tencent, micro insurance agency is a platform, including the payment of severe illness short-term medical insurance. Only the minimum premium 100 yuan will be able to get 6 million coverage also provide rapid medical service related diseases, including in the 36 city national public hospitals to provide advance hospital deposit service.

In terms of insurance coverage, Micro Medicare includes 3 million general medical benefits and at the same time provides 6 million serious medical and health benefits to the 100 major diseases with high incidence as defined by the CIRC.

Reimbursement from the scope of view, "Medicare" reimbursement exceeded the scope of reimbursement of social security directory, not limited to disease types, not limited to treatment, as long as necessary and reasonable medical expenses, more than 10,000 yuan part of the deductible 100% reimbursement for 100 Severe illness, to provide 6 million insured 0 deductible 100% protection.

From the payment point of view, "Medicare" there is direct compensation, flash compensation, quickly lose a variety of payment models, the user can choose claims management solutions. "Direct compensation" means that the user can choose to go to more than 500 network hospitals for medical treatment. The treatment costs are settled directly by the insurance company directly with the hospital. The users do not have to pay for reimbursement. The "flash compensation" means that if the user visits a non-network hospital, Report within three days after discharge, there will be someone accompanied when discharged, to help pay claims, to achieve 2-hour flashbacks, discharge immediately get the reparations; "fast payout" is to point out the user reported after the hospital will be SF Express home delivery and postage-free, Days to settle accounts.

From the product pricing perspective, Tencent said that "micro-Medicare" as Tencent's first holding insurance platform launched the first Pratt & Whitney-type health insurance products, the price must be really close to the people, everyone can afford. To have a social security version, for example, 21 years of age a year premium of 216 yuan, 26 years of age 276 yuan, 31 years 372 yuan, 36 years old 456 yuan.

From the guarantee period of view, is one year, renewable to 100 years of age. Tencent also promised that "Microtech" promised not to refuse renewal because of changes in the health status of the insured person or claims and that the premiums of the insured would not be adjusted separately when renewed.

In addition, the "micro-medical insurance" devaluation hospital deferred deposit service, when users diagnosed the first time with 100 kinds of major diseases, within 5 days from the date of hospitalization apply for disability hospital deposit advance services, in 36 cities nationwide can enjoy hospitalization deposit Advance service, and commitment from the date of advance payment within 2 working days to complete.

In addition, Tencent also introduced a fun feature, combined with the WeChat campaign.

Weibao will launch the first micro-security campaign to encourage gold activities, to promote users "out of body and mind, enjoy a better tomorrow."

Tencent said that at present during the event, all users who purchase "Medicare" can take a 1-yuan exercise incentive payment every 8,000 walking steps in WeChat sports so as to receive a maximum of 100 Yuan during the period of protection.

Micro-security VS Ant Insurance: boutique strategy and insurance supermarket who can win?

As Internet giant, Tencent won the insurance license, officially entered the insurance industry, the introduction of Internet insurance products, the future with WeChat, QQ two huge traffic entrance is bound to set off a new wave in the insurance field, the impact of the traditional insurance industry.

In addition, prior to Tencent, Ping An, Public Security Online and other platforms have introduced the "Internet million medical insurance" products, there are also old rivals Alipay also have sales insurance platform.

In early 2016, Ping An Health Insurance launched China's first Internet Million Medical Insurance. According to the latest version of the "e-Health Insurance" in 2017 and the social security users 21-25 years old, for example, premiums of 271 yuan a year are the highest in the year The amount of compensation can reach 6 million yuan. Since then, Public Security launched the "Health e-Health Insurance" to 21-25-year-old social security users, for example, pay 219 yuan a year premiums, the maximum annual amount of compensation can reach 100 million.

As well as the ants' Alipay, launched ant insurance platform, insurance products are well-established. It has cooperated with a number of domestic large-scale insurance institutions such as Public Security, Taikang Life, Guohua Life Insurance, Ping An Insurance, PICC, Pacific Insurance and Allianz Insurance.

Fund Jun looked a bit, into the Alipay insurance interface, the first is to spend 30 seconds to understand the insurance needs, make an insurance evaluation, testing health, finance, travel and other aspects of the level of risk.

In terms of products, the product range of ants insurance services covers many varieties such as health, accidents, travel, property, life insurance and auto insurance. Its product content is also very rich, and the range of pricing is also quite different. Take health insurance there are many products to choose from, the fund Jungen number, however, can be described as a large supermarket insurance products.

However, Tencent currently offers fewer products.

Tencent said that most of the Internet insurance platforms in China are now in the form of supermarkets, but Tencent is going to take a different road - adopting a "strict mode of selection" and "quality strategy" to sell insurance products.

Specific how to do? Only 2-3 products are strictly selected for each type of insurance to precisely match the needs of users, simplify the terms and conditions, increase the scope of protection, and enhance follow-up services such as claims settlement. At the same time, users in the micro-Paul not only to buy a well-known insurance company cost-effective products, but also enjoy the micro-Paul exclusive benefits and value-added services.

Tencent said that through careful selection, to help users subtraction, and then combined with Tencent unique scene, the insurance experience has become more simple, stylish, fun, allowing users to meet the needs of his time, for his protection.

Fund Jun is looking forward to Tencent through this model in the future, is it right? Can some of the insurance products sold as a "blast"?

Won the insurance license padded financial territory, Tencent Ali PK white-hot

In fact, the insurance company behind Tencent Micro-Guarantee is the micro-people insurance approved by the end of September this year. Tencent holds 57.8% of the shares of Micro-People's Insurance through its wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Shine Shentong Information Technology Co., Ltd., A major shareholder; Fidel Securities PICC holds a 31.1% stake in micro-insurance, ranked second largest shareholder; China open Boyu II (Shanghai) equity investment partnership (limited partnership) invested 22.2 million yuan, holding the remaining Of the 11.1%.

Prior to Tencent, Hangzhou Baojin Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. obtained the insurance agency business in July this year, which is 100% owned by Zhejiang Ant Micro-Financial Services Group.

Why should the Internet Gangster into the insurance industry? The industry believes that Tencent, ants through the holding of an insurance agency, the significance lies in the direct access to the insurance business-related profitability, after Tencent can sell insurance in WeChat, QQ and other platforms, and ants can also sell insurance platforms such as Alipay . "An insurance license can not only bring long-term financial capabilities, but also resonate with the traffic, online scenarios, big data, and other gold control operations that these giants would have known. Imagination space is not small. "

Tencent quietly collected property insurance, life insurance and insurance agents three licenses. Fund Jun found, in addition to the micro insurance approved by the end of September opened, Tencent stake in the insurance company also includes Thai Thai life, public safety online property insurance. Among them, the peace Thai Life Insurance has been approved in January this year, the opening of the business, while Public Security Insurance in September on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In addition, British insurance service provider Aviva has announced in early this year that it has reached an agreement with Takatsuki Capital and Tencent to jointly develop a 20% stake in Hong Kong-based insurance company, Tencent, which specializes in digital insurance.

Jun statistics fund a bit, now Ma Huateng's financial empire is not small, has covered a number of third-party payment, banking, credit, fund sales, insurance, small loans and other financial licenses. Tencent owns third-party payment TenPay (WeChat payment, QQ payment, etc.), Internet private bank Weizhong Bank, Tencent Credit, Micro-insurance agents, TenPay small loan companies and other licenses, but also funded the subscription with a fund sales license Good to buy wealth, become CICC's third-largest shareholder, to create Tencent FiT, including Money Management, MicroSecurities, Micro gold and other products ......

The micro-security introduced, Ma also said that "micro-security is Tencent set up the" Internet + finance "ecological an important part of the look forward to it can become a platform for close cooperation between the insurance industry."

The Tencent micro-security team is also very strong, micro-insurance Agency Ltd. legal representative for the former McKinsey Global Senior Partner Liu Chia-ming. According to resume introduction, Liu Jiaming Oxford University Department of Engineering and Economics dual master's degree. 10 years of finance, 10 years of Internet experience. As early as 2010, Liu Chia-ming became the mastermind of Ma Huateng, helping to promote Tencent's big data projects and exporting Tencent's core competencies to the financial, automotive and fast-selling industries. In 2014, Liu Chia-ming was involved in the preparation of Tencent's micro bank. In 2016, Liu Jiaming formally joined Tencent, taking the lead in establishing the Internet insurance business and acting as the appointed chairman and CEO of Weibao. It is responsible for integrating Tencent resources and jointly developing products with insurance companies for users of WeChat and QQ.

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