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Stir fry coins transfer to underground WeChat group matchmaking 300 thousand transactions

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LocalBitcoins, Paxful, CoinCola and BitcoinWorld have attracted a large number of Chinese users, public data show: since 2017, Paxful trading orders, 96.3% through the payment of the completion of Renminbi transfer; in the CoinCola, 85% of the sellers choose to pay the way to pay for Alipay.

Fire coins, OKCoin these two mainstream bit currency trading platform is also in transition, the world's professional home Huobi.Pro will be on-line point-to-point trading services to support the global currency on the exchange of digital assets.

From the exchange to the off-site platform, this gambling game is far from the end of the game.

1, WeChat group day to match 300,000 transactions

At first glance, Liu Wei is a slightly non-mainstream juvenile, thin body, humble jacket, always forget to wear sunglasses self-timer, it is difficult to imagine, his account every day rolling large amounts of money.

Prior to August this year, his circle of friends is still relatively monotonous, made some steak photos, patting the flowers on the road grass. His friend circle cover reads: "Always believe that good things will happen."

In mid-September, the supervision of the order, Liu Wei's bit currency off-exchange business began to hot up.

He formed a number of bits of the currency outside the transaction micro-credit group, each group has hundreds of users, one day can often match more than 30 million transactions. Recently, he began to friends in the circle of the recent Alipay, WeChat transfer screenshots, 6-digit number is often common.

In addition to the special currency, the currency is the mainstream digital currency, he also involved in other digital tokens of the transaction. Every day, the participants are constantly selling in the group, unusually lively:

"38700, out of 2 bits."

"2300 received 10 to Taitong, out of the direct call me to contact the transaction, online banking payment, support the guarantee.

"The price of these two days rose too fast, too late to collect the money."

Bitcover OTC trading screenshots

The risk is hard to avoid.

Liu Wei's OTC OTC group, the user with their own purposes, often add friends, pull people to form a new group.

He had loudly cried in the group: "recently found a large number of private members to join the formation of small groups, members of the group have been deceived, the group does not recommend any group outside the group, if the other group was cheated, please take care of themselves.

There are often some crooks in the group, the transaction for the bait, set out the hands of people who have money, let the currency hit their own wallet, and did not give about payment.

This is happening. Liu Wei invented a method, the main group of security, from which to match the participants of the transaction intention, each trade will be a separate set up a micro-credit group, after the completion of the transaction removed, the owner and charge a certain guarantee fee.

Liu Wei has a lot of miners customers, the exchange was banned after a large number of miners mine owners are looking for exports.

"P network B network real-time income too, no fees, a large number of income, not cap, Alipay silver bank notes tweet, you are welcome to long-term settlement of miners." He wrote in a friend circle.

Bitcover OTC trading screenshots

It's just a corner of the fiery extravagance.

From the public data, the recent national special committee issued by the "special currency over-the-counter transaction monitoring report" shows:

"Since June 2017, the major trading platform since the opening of the currency, the transaction size has been significantly reduced, with the beginning of September the domestic ICO and Bitcoal trading business clean-up, OTC scale once again prosperous, nearly two weeks, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, CoinCola three overseas OTC trading platform of the coin total turnover of 680 million yuan.

The report pointed out: the current domestic users commonly used counter currency trading platform 4, are overseas, respectively, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, CoinCola and BitcoinWorld, OTC transactions are often no national boundaries, the relevant platform can provide global services.

In fact, over-the-counter (OTC) this concept has a long history, also known as "shop trades" or "counter transactions", after some unlisted or listedSecurities, Not in the exchange of transactions, and in the off-market transactions, privately to higher or lower than the provisions of the exchange price or with other conditions, such as with the sub-goods, barter, etc. to reach a deal.

This year, OTC has experienced several ups and downs.

The report shows: before February 2017, the amount of OTC transactions is relatively small; in early February the main domestic special currency trading platform to prohibit the currency, the transaction scale of explosive growth; June major trading platform since the opening of the currency, the transaction size Significantly reduced; and in early September the domestic ICO and Bitcoin trading business to clean up, promoted the over-the-counter trading boom again.

Bitcoin hot off-exchange transactions, rising prices, but also to the onlookers question: whether there is a bubble?

In Alan S.Blinder's "After the Stop of Music", maybe we can find the answer:

"Human beings are often overconfident, and they are affected by herd behavior, imagination and a large number of personal subjective ideas, which are important reasons for the emergence of the bubble.When there is speculation on the market, there is always a bubble ... it is difficult to prevent the bubble But we can do some more practical things, such as reducing the frequency of the bubble, reducing the scope of the impact of the bubble, and the impact of the bubble burst when the destructive force.

2, speculation rivers and lakes transferred to the ground

Liu Wei's business benefited from the tide of supervision.

With the organization to join, coin, OKCoin continue to open up the OTC platform, his business is bound to be affected, at the moment he is constantly set up a new micro-credit group, to seize the last opportunity to develop transactions.

OTC trading platform also attracted a large number of users, domestic otcbtc.com, CoinCola and other sites are still active. otcbtc.com is the domestic OTC platform, similar to Taobao, the user can freely release the coin and other advertising information, trading, including Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay. Each transaction, the platform to the user charge 0.001BTC advertising, and 0.1% of the fee. CoinCola is an off-site platform in Hong Kong, attracting a lot of domestic investors because of language communication.

The off-site transaction of the coin network is supported by the Huobi.Pro on-line off-site point-to-point trading service, which supports global currency exchange of digital assets. The so-called "point-to-point trading services" is the people who have the money to buy and sell, on the platform to publish the message, and then bargain, to complete the transaction.

The public relations officer of the coinage network told the all-weather technology that the detailed operation and layout of off-site point-to-point transactions will be further announced recently.

Layout off-site, sea trading, is the platform to complete the Chinese mainland users back to work after the next move chess.

In the case of Coin Locks, the Global Coach is currently offering nearly 10 digital asset transactions and point-to-point investment services. It is headquartered in Singapore and has subsidiaries in Hong Kong. Gold is a Korean-based digital asset trading platform. The coin global dollar station will provide dollar-based digital asset trading services to qualified investors worldwide.

In addition, OKCoin a few days ago in the official micro and official Bo suddenly made an article entitled "This may be after October 31, speculation the safest, simple and fast way", soon, OKCoin deleted Original, many users guess: October 31, OKCoin overseas platform OKEX on-line OTC plan.

China, the country's largest trading volume of the three exchanges, after the introduction of the ban on the ban, they have launched an overseas version of the site, a large number of users rushed to overseas website transactions. In the industry view, the mainstream platform to open OTC decision, will have a huge impact on the market, and even reshape the pattern of domestic transactions.

3, OTC transactions pervasive

OTC is a way of coping with Bitcoin traders under strong supervision.

September 15, the state regulators ordered the ban on special currency transactions, the policy crit, the currency currency currency prices fell to 16827 yuan, after September 15, prices continue to rise, and recently reached 37,887 yuan. While active off-exchange transactions, prices are often higher than the exchange, the difference and profit margins are higher

This is also the reason why the participants are fearless to supervise the shadows.

At present, there are three main forms of OTC transactions, including: online P2P transactions, online B2C transactions, offline transactions.

Online P2P transactions generally through LocalBitcoins, CoinCola and other OTC platform, the platform for Bitcoin buyers and sellers to provide information release sites, similar to "Taobao", buyers and buyers based on the information released one to one transaction.

"Bitcover OTC transaction monitoring report" shows: OTC payment methods include bank transfer, cash remittance, Alipay, WeChat, gift cards and so on.

In online B2C transactions, the user directly to the platform to buy or sell Bitcoin, the price specified by the platform. After receiving the user's payment, the platform will directly release the bitcover to the buyer's user or, after receiving the bitcoin, release the funds to the seller's user. B-side funds or Bitcoin for the platform owned or from the cooperative business.

Liu Wei's micro-credit group belongs to the line transaction. Buyers and sellers online or offline, through online chat tools such as QQ group, micro-credit group, Telegram group, Slack group, or face to face under the pure line of transactions.

OTC transactions are accepted by many users, because Bitcoin transactions are also limited to relatively small circles, the participants of the new things to accept a higher degree, behind the risk of undercurrent.

"Bitcoin itself is not the concept of the border, bit currency transactions are the same, but off the high cost of matching transactions, the lack of trusted intermediaries, but also faced with financial security, virtual currency security and other issues." Suning Financial Research Institute Internet Finance Research Center Director Xue Hongyan told all-weather technology.

In the view of the lawyer Wu Weiming lawyer, OTC transactions less neutral third party supervision, investors will increase the risk of fraud, there are two solutions: First, investors have the basic skills to invest, to implement the necessary Of the operation; the second is to confirm the collection of special currency, and then pay.

4, drumming the game?

Bitcoin players Liu Guanzhou see the coin network open OTC news, not surprisingly, in the regulatory tide, he did not sell the hands of the bit coins.

While he worked on the digital tokens trading platform, although the suspension of trading, but did not dissolve. He heard the platform founder to do a market investment plan, then began to prepare for the private placement qualification examination.

Those who do not participate in Bitcoin can not understand the value of Bitcoin, and the holders believe that prices will rise.

This interesting phenomenon can be explained by the "endowment effect" proposed by Richard Thaler, a Nobel laureate in economics this year. "People have seen something that has been taken and will add another weight to its original value value."

From another dimension, OTC is the self-dancing of investors.

"Mobility is like music. Once the music stops, things will get complicated, but as long as the music is still there, the dance will have to go on and we are still dancing." This was July 8, 2007, before the Citigroup Group's former director Long Chuck Prince's words, after he finished the sentence a month, music and dance suddenly stopped, the subprime crisis broke out.

In this way, the government introduced regulatory news on Bitcoin and digital tokens, which suddenly interrupted the music in the market and the people who danced fell to the floor. Everyone was looking for a chair, someone found a chair, and some People continue to dance, their humming the music.

Liu Wei's group, still lively, the new transaction news constantly pop out.

As long as there is a market, there is information poor, there is the opportunity to make money, it will always be involved.


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