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WeChat "ban" Tmall Taobao torch red packets, not just behind Jingdong so simple

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Editor's note: This article is from & ldquo; molested electricity supplier (id: tiaoxiEC) & rdquo ;, Author: molested marketing; Editor: wood core

These days, many people inexplicably sealed the micro-signal, the fuse is the lobster Taobao for the two preheating out of the "torch red envelopes".

19 pm afternoon, lobo Taobao in the open screen page on the line called the history of the most fun "torch red envelopes", users participate in red envelopes to share and "lit" (click on someone else to share your red card password), a single Users can get up to 100 red envelopes.


The amount of the torch red envelopes is unknown, known as "bonus pool" 250 million yuan (actually not cash, is a double eleven red envelopes in the form of the amount of calculation), double eleven evening live & ldquo ; The whole carved up "ralph lauren pas cher, when the amount will be announced.

This red bag is played, obviously directed at the social drainage to go.

In order to pull people to their own "lit" red envelopes, many people in the circle of friends and micro-credit group to share their own "Amoy password" and "ralph lauren pas cher." Who knows that night, they began to be WeChat title, title time from a few hours to a few days ranging (the most common is the title 2 days).


Blocked user screenshots

Because the WeChat processing notice, will be brought to the user complaints and confirmed that the hat (that is, a lot of WeChat is actually the official detection of processing, not the user complaints), and the system was judged as scraper, induced sharing, Malicious marketing, will only be given in general "spam" and other harassment behavior "ralph lauren pas cher;

Which makes a lot of "no deal with the experience" users, mistakenly believe that friends reported their own;

Or simply understand the Tencent jealousy eleven, to stand Jingdong, strangled lobster Taobao.


Blocked user screenshots

Tencent really is to kill the "torch red envelopes" ralph lauren pas cher, to this time in the double eleven to Ali a maawi it?

This idea is not just ordinary users, microblogging big V & ldquo; that thing "the first burst of the large area of ​​the title of the news, and said the first time to see the closure of the individual number & rdquo ;.


The first burst of micro-envelopes personal number of microblogging big V

It seems that she is not how to contact the micro-business group & hellip; in the micro-business district, not been sealed personal number, you are afraid to go out with friends are sorry to say hello.

And this month, it is WeChat on the slightest efforts to rectify the time.

I am afraid some people still remember, 17, WeChat team suddenly out of a notice to the function of the platform part of the maintenance, prohibit WeChat users to modify the picture, nickname and personality signature. At that time we all guess, is the assembly during the public opinion to upgrade the need.

This is certainly the main reason, but the WeChat also took the opportunity to a variety of illegal account (nickname in violation of ingredients, such as financial accounts; head related to yellow gambling, etc.) were cleaned up. Microblogging and malicious marketing numbers are in the clean up.


A micro-business microblogging to encourage colleagues and "a total of grams of difficulties" and "

Micro-business is certainly the title is convinced, people have developed a "security, keep yourself, low-key, through the storm" and the response strategy. Not convinced, apparently those who think it is "normal users", but to share a few times Amoy password people.

This is not a WeChat specifically for the Taokou order under the "ban order" and rdquo;

The number of work links have to rely on this account to test, at present, both in the WeChat to share the goods Amoy password, or "torch red envelopes" scouring password, will not blocked.

Those who are sealed account, it is likely to share the same number of scouring and touch the number of people reached a WeChat cordon, will be sent to refuse to send spam restrictions log. And in such a rule of judgment, send Amoy password or any other news, the punishment is the same.

So, are the closure of the user are to blame themselves?

Can not say that

Brother of the study of the "torch red envelopes" and play after the discovery, the day cat Taobao is behind the initiator.

She designed a only "violent scraper", "pull friends to join" to get the rules of the red envelopes, encourage ordinary users to form "information locusts" general group, the advertising information covered with every social platform.

Each page for the first time to enter the "torch red envelopes" page users will get five to be lit red envelopes, the page step by step guide the user, their own two-dimensional code / Amoy password to share to the major social networking platform, WeChat Impressively in the first place.

Whenever there is a friend from your two-dimensional code / Amoy password to enter, and for you "lit" and you will have to be lit red envelopes into the already lit red envelope, which means you can participate in the double eleven party The day of the "bonus" to share.


Torch red envelope strong guide users to share

Five red envelopes can easily be lit, then the user was surprised to find, TA was completed 5/100, up to 100 can be set to light the red envelope. But has not yet been lit red envelopes can pull friends to point (this time most of the real contact friends also more than enough).

Want to get a new light red envelope, it is necessary to give others light red envelopes (no clear number of correspondence, the rules show that this is the only chance to get a new red envelope).


Ali cloud customer service that in order to get a new red envelope, in addition to keep others red envelopes, but also continue to invite friends to light their own red envelopes.

This rule sounds good at all, the general marketing activities, require everyone to spread out, pull more people come in (let more people know) to achieve the purpose. Day cat Taobao this red envelope, why ask two-way interaction?

There is also a mouthful of strange and strange rules & ldquo; between the two users, only each other bright red envelopes each one & rdquo ;, and each user up to 200 times for others.


Torch red envelopes official announcement of the rules of play

If you have a study of the relationship chain, see this you should understand a bit, right?

Requires two-way interaction, because the day lamb Taobao, not only want to pull more people through social diffusion to participate in the double eleven, but also want to copy a user in the social platform on the chain.

It is conceivable that the user A to his own torch red envelopes Taoyuan to share to friends circle, TA friends B, colleagues C, fans D each lit one.

BCD as a new user came in, will get five to be lit red envelopes, they then share their friends circle or micro-credit group,

A and B in a circle of lovers, each other will be between each other, this dense network to prove the relationship between the strength of A and B (or even analyze the nature of the circle);

A and C only colleagues relationship, although also point each other, but the network overlap rate is not high, you can determine the general social relations;

A and D is a one-way connection, D admire A for TA lit red envelope, but A shield D friends circle, and no back point, you can determine is not true friends.

Why can a maximum of 200 friends lit red envelopes?

Anthropologist Dumba found that the standard size of the human population is 148, which is also known as the "dumba" rdquo ;. Modern human relations also show that we may have 1,500 social networking friends, but the real circle of social interaction is only 150 people.

Social chain is the core of the WeChat assets, not to mention the days of Taobao Daojiao refused to encroach on, even if there is a lot of cooperation with the WeChat of the electricity business, can not break some of the suspected chain of theft of social games. The only exception is Jingdong.

The last teaser to listen to a high level of Jingdong said they are working with WeChat research, breaking the line line boundaries, and through the user social scene marketing new play, really very breakthrough imagination, it now appears that only WeChat and Jingdong together to achieve.

Torch red envelopes are played, in theory, can copy the chain of relationships, but unfortunately the user playing with the deformation on the (quick success is not just the game designer ah). In order to quickly reach 100 red envelopes "tasks" and many users to form a mutual group, batch operation to light others and be lit. The operating density can almost reach the degree of brush machine.

For example, a user in the microblogging sun drying screenshots, in order to achieve the task of 100 red envelopes, TA joined the N group of each other, at the battle to the early morning, only three or four days time, the brush full of 100 lit red envelopes. So crazy brush red envelopes of the user, not a few, there are people to share their own WeChat title twice, the ultimate brush full of task experience, comments are all-like "to be lit."


A user sharing a full red envelope screenshot

Tens of thousands of users, intensive scraper, opera estimated that there is no time to touch the chain to steal the chain or shield the scouring of the alarm line, only the number of messages and touch the number of people, it is enough to deal with a wave of people.

In fact, WeChat is not the only "l" and "social networking platform." The same information is tired by the microblogging, full of screen to ask for advertising, popular microblogging comments area was also a collective attack. The first broke the news micro-envelopes personal number message big V & odquo; Internet that something "microblogging, the same is not the head of the" honesty "," If you do not know the torch red envelopes game mechanism, simply thought it was zombie Powder in the information attack.

Although the microblogging is Ali's social traffic pool, torch red envelopes and popular recommended bit also to maintain, but the play brother found that microblogging is also quietly shielding some of the relevant words, and limited in the comments with the relevant links and QR code.


Microblogging users such as locust-like brush ads are also dissatisfied, called microblogging CEO to block these accounts between

Between Jingdong and Lynx Taobao, WeChat has been firmly on the side of Jingdong. Not to mention this year's double eleven, WeChat also intended to help electricity business a small program, "WeChat to cut Hu double eleven, quietly small program out of a big move," said the lobster Taobao want to copy through the torch User chain, that is, purely to the WeChat on the drainage, and now is the most sensitive time, that may be determined when what degree will be dealt with line.

If there are business plans to double from the WeChat to the Amoy shop shop drainage, we also recommend caution, do not be mistakenly closed an important account, or regret it.

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