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WeChat subscription number change information flow, the content will not re-shuffle business?

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Subscription number as the main carrier of WeChat content entrepreneurial ecology, since the "drawer" folding display since the show, although the form of information efficiency has been criticized, but it has been so I did not make any revision.

However, from May this year, take a look, search a search function on the line, to the search entry to give a small program higher priority, we can see the WeChat is sharpening to test the revision of the subscription system.


Surely, the recent announcement that the micro-subscription number & ldquo; is a major transformation of the traditional folding method into a more intuitive feed stream (information flow) mode, that is, the subscription number is open to the information flow content , And do not need to enter the public number and the first page & rdquo ;. In addition, open the subscription number at the top of the interface will prompt the content update, and friends circle reminder mechanism similar.


Rumors after the revision of the subscription number display interface

News, the new media operators can not do anything, have come out to express their views. We all agree that the WeChat, Baidu, foreign Facebook will be the most information flow advertising as the most powerful "growth engine" Only WeChat can only envy in vain.

This also means that has always been to "centering" and "and not with the developer profit" ralph lauren pas cher, known as the "live Lei Feng" WeChat finally sit still, to distribute the power of content has been incorporated, In order to speed up the pace of commercialization. For those who are attached to the WeChat platform of the public operators, low-cost entrepreneurial golden age may soon come to an end.

As for the WeChat why have to take this step, but also from the subscription number of the "overload" and began to talk about.

The micro-subscription subscription number provides users, entry, content platform, subscription mode, social distribution channels, content entrepreneurs can get low-cost users, low-cost spread, and its microblogging, know, headlines and other platforms to attract users to precipitate Down.

Content of the entrepreneur through the continuous "hack & rdquo; subscription number, making it a set of CMS system, electricity business website, customer service as one of the super page & rdquo ;, a parasitic on the micro letter above the lightweight App, this is a micro letter On the line subscription number function when the unexpected, the so-called "unintentional willow shade" and "rdquo ;.

The microsecond subscription number has become a de facto local area network, a browser that dressed in a reader's coat. One step further than the browser is that it has a subscription and push mechanism. Subscription number every day a proactive "harassment" user's opportunity to a chapter "title party" to induce users to stray into the home page, so that in the menu bar, the combination of the article under the guidance of the flow.

Although the subscription number from the RSS mechanism, but in the entrepreneurial tricks under the transformation, has long been a simple reader, and become a content based on the distribution of traffic "LAN entry & rdquo ;.

Daily push is only the subscription number to attract users "into the store" means, they do not like the traditional Internet and electricity providers as the site, through SEO and PPC ranking to get traffic, only need to carefully craft a 10 million + Of the article will be able to get thousands of passengers. In addition to the WeChat operations worth rising outside, the subscription number of traffic is almost no cost, where the fight is not SEO technology or PPC, but seem more equitable operational competitions.

However, because an article added concern, thus opening the subscription number daily push switch. This concern is too heavy, the readers of the "information overload" has been overwhelmed. In addition to Zhiding, the public classification of the screening mechanism and the lack of.

This surface is the problem of information efficiency, you can follow Facebook, microblogging, headlines to information flow to solve the problem, through the algorithm, machine learning to become the user's information steward, reduce the burden of user self-management.

However, the issue of WeChat subscription number is no longer the issue of information display, but a traffic entry problem. Microblogging, headlines, Facebook does not exist such a problem. The reason why the subscription number is more stopped, the reason why to consider the push time deliberately, the reason why a drag two (article) drag three (article) drag four (article), is not to seize the favorable flow of imports, and traffic value maximize.

If the WeChat will be subscribed to the list of information flow, no change on the surface, in fact, has subverted the entry position.

The obvious effect is that the reader directly clicks into the article, and no longer first enter the home page, and then the public pages are deliberately customized menu bar and article combination, and can achieve more interaction with the user session function will be invalid.Incarnation "website" and the public signs have been beaten back from the media "r & quot; prototype.This is what the opponents are generally worried about.

And then delve into a layer, which means that the WeChat for the public are the abuse of the power of the recovery, the distribution of traffic will be assigned to their own hands. WeChat to do so, on the one hand is the thriving public industry, micro-credit limited profit, I have in the titanium media articles"The same is by advertising" Nuggets & rdquo, why not far from Facebook to make money? "Said: WeChat is difficult to control the media from the "cash" posture, WeChat although the on-line wide and open advertising, but the large are more willing to pick their own native ads.

And as I mentioned above, WeChat public number of traffic mainly rely on their own "business" ralph lauren pas cher, mainly by the social mechanism of spontaneous transmission, WeChat does not grasp the power distribution power, so it is difficult as microblogging from the content Entrepreneurs where to charge & ldquo; flow fee & rdquo; (fan headlines, fans pass).

More difficult is parasitic in the subscription number system of a website, if only to extract advertising into, then the electricity business, knowledge and other income income WeChat still can not be from the sub-Run, can only win a "ldquo; Lee's "reputation".

If only WeChat own "Mu virtual name and no real" and then down also okay. The public name of the traffic battle and the flow of black hole effect "not only formed a large sum of the interests of the head rigid, but also to micro-information in terms of efficiency in terms of access to headlines, microblogging and other platforms, leaving more than half of the headline Traffic video is wrapped in the article, found and browsing efficiency is extremely low. No wonder the information consumers have to headlines, microblogging migration.

Because each of the public numbers are not satisfied with the user "read away [r], but in the efforts to compete for the user's stay often, resulting in the user every day to open the public was declining trend. The impact on the entire content ecology is that the overall opening rate of the public is getting lower.

Not only that, but friends circle this social distribution channel is facing the risk of abuse and fishing. Facebook can reduce the priority of News Feed, more push family, friends, and WeChat but can not control the proliferation of friends in the circle of articles, living conditions become increasingly scarce.


May 17, WeChat in the "WeChat laboratory" in the introduction of a look, search search function

In May this year, WeChat has been added in the 6.5.8 version of the look, search the search of the entrance, try to do their own content distribution, but failed to shake the subscription number of the entry status, failed to change the user's reading habits, But in the subscription number system outside the bed frame, so there is no impact on the WeChat content ecology.

And the reason why the WeChat to create a small program of ecology, but also deeply subscribe to the number of ecological has been over-developed, originally used for information access tool, was given the weight of the bear, and more suitable as a small application of light applications is to Share the burden.

On the other hand, although the WeChat is difficult from the tens of millions of subscription number "online entrance" in the sub-what benefits, then may wish to look down, through the beans into the soldiers of the small program layout numerous "lane" ; Of which the commercial space to be broad and more.

However, Tencent has always been good at offline operations, "line entry" and "slow progress, but by the content of entrepreneurs as another operating tool, it was called" WeChat public expansion function collection "and" rdquo ;. Subscription number of the burden on the body did not reduce, but also to help no entry of small procedures to guide the flow. If the applet App Store is not released, the distribution of WeChat will turn down the power.

WeChat at this time to test the flow of information, perhaps about to be determined to clear the subscription number and the small division of the division of labor, the original source of the subscription to return to the original intention, extended by the small program to complete. WeChat has also opened up the article and the small program between the "channel" ralph lauren pas cher, the subscription number menu is no longer so important.

Based on the subscription number of the content of course, this will not end, but in the new traffic rules may have to change a play. After all, everyone is talking about the public number of the bonus period has passed, the advantages of the head has been unbreakable, the new few possible, is the need to change a play to reactivate the pool no waves of the "stagnant water & rdquo" ;

This article first titanium media, reporter / Zhang Yuan

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