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Why WeChat withdrawal message can only be 2 minutes?

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The ancients have clouds, "a word both out, Sima difficult to chase" ralph lauren pas cher, we can see the export of words, how much attention.

But people always have the wrong words when ah!

In order to solve the "hand slippery" troubles, WeChat in the version of the line "WeChat withdrawal" and the function, for the issue of information within 2 minutes to provide withdrawal options & darr; & darr; & darr;


The user presses the message (including the picture) and selects the withdrawal in the multiple choice.

Then the problem comes with & hellip; & hellip;

Why can the message be withdrawn easily?

In the Korean drama "from the stars of your", in order not to let thousands of oath to see the subconscious issued by the "confession" text messages, wuli are taught, but at the time of use of space shuttle and space still two "killer & rdquo ;.


In fact, do not envy the professor, since the WeChat with the withdrawal function, each WeChat users can be comparable to super-power, easy to withdraw the message.

So, do not use super powers, WeChat is how the same time from both sides of the mobile phone to achieve the information to withdraw it?

MobileA to MobileB to send messages and message withdrawal as an example:

A, MobileA send messages, will be generated in their own WeChat clientThe world's only UniqueMsgID, And the UniqueMsgID is included in the message body to be sent.

B, MobileB When the message is received, the message body is stored and the message is displayed.

C, MobileA withdraws the message, MobileA know that they have sent each message body UniqueMsgID, need to withdraw which one, then the message UniqueMsgID attached to the withdrawal order.

D,MobileB receives the withdrawal order, according to the withdrawal order UniqueMsgID, in their own database, find the corresponding message body, and then be withdrawn effect display.


Why the WeChat withdrawal message can only be 2 minutes?

Mobile Internet era to promote everyone in an information asynchronous processing of the times, most people will be over a period of time to deal with the news, compared to two minutes of time looks a bit too short, and often encountered when you want to withdraw Only to find the dilemma has been more than the validity period.

So, do we need to set the withdrawal period? The answer is no doubt yes.


In the dialogue between the two sides, if you do not set the withdrawal time, it will produce two hazards:

A, after the information sent, if not set the withdrawal time, for some have been sent out a long time information, it is likely that the recipient has seen, the sender will withdraw the relationship will make the relationship more embarrassing, and even produce unnecessary misunderstanding.

B, if the information is sent, if the withdrawal time is unlimited, the sender can withdraw any historical message, which will lead to the dialogue context is not complete, affecting the user experience.

So why is the withdrawal time 2 minutes? Can not be more or less?

In this regard, the micro-product team after a large data analysis that from the perspective of the recipient of the information, 2 minutes from the receipt of a message to read the average length of time, and the withdrawal time in 2 minutes, the maximum will maintain the context of integrity, A steady user experience.

If shorter than 2 minutes, then the information itself may have been too late to be aware of information errors, they have missed the opportunity to withdraw;

If it is longer than 2 minutes, the probability that the information is being read by the recipient is greatly enhanced, and the sender will not have to withdraw it again, and withdrawing the information sent before a long time will also destroy the contextual consistency and seriously affect the dialogue experience and effect.

Compared to set the time limit, why not remind the other side has been recalled it?

Although 2 minutes is the average length of time to receive reading information, but we can not know, the receiver will be in the end at any moment to read the information sent, which will lead to withdrawal function is sometimes not so timely, and thus caught in the famous "The question of the question"

So, why is the WeChat not prompted to remind the other side of the reminder? So that the sender of the information can choose whether or not to withdraw.

If there is a function of reading the prompt, then the receiver will know that the sender has known that he saw the other party wants to withdraw the information, this scene will make both sides more embarrassing.

More often, the recipient does not want the sender to know whether he has read the information, such as the common staff boss group, the boss sends a message, if found that employees have read the information but not reply (such as dating, etc.) , Then the course of time, the boss will inevitably have dissatisfaction with the staff.

But if not prompted to read unread, the boss does not know whether employees online, employees do not have time to stare at the phone.

The idea behind these settings is that micro-messages do not want to put pressure on recipients of information. Compared to the sender and receiver, WeChat more attention to the recipient's experience.

Why the WeChat to withdraw the message to appear text prompts

Since the withdrawal of information to the user to provide a kind of regret medicine, why should eat after eating "a certain withdrawal of a message & ldquo; tips & ldquo;

The message of the WeChat withdrew a bit like the withdrawal of the message. In the issue of the moment, in fact, has been in the lock screen at the "notice" to the other side, so it is difficult to do without trace.

To Apple mobile phone, for example, as long as the WeChat "show details" and open the phone, and allow the phone to display WeChat "notice" and then even if the other party to withdraw the information, you can also in the Apple mobile phone & ldquo; :


Since everyone is not a specific function of the professor, then the information will certainly leave a note, if the recipient received a notice but opened and found no news that the loss of the message, but to send a retransmission, which will let The two sides more embarrassing.

In addition, in some business negotiations or borrowing and other specific occasions, if the withdrawal of information without a text prompt, it will lead to the loss of the interests of each other.

For example, friends and friends mentioned the borrowing problem:


From the functional development point of view, the birth of the withdrawal function is to fight the wrong word or the wrong use of the normal use of the scene to consider.

For those special scenes (such as couple quarrel, etc.), the user before the issue of information or try to restrain emotions, to avoid "impulsive action", so as not to miss the withdrawal time, unfortunately lead to "

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