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A variety of heavyweight products debut, Google seriously start the hardware to even Apple are afraid

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AI + hardware + software, which is Google for the development of intelligent hardware direction. Within the visible future, the products "Made by Google" will be sold in multiple areas and competitors.

Beijing time on the morning of October 5, Google held a "Made by Google" conference. As the name implies, this is Google's annual event to showcase its hardware products. Although the degree of concern is not the release of the new iPhone, but as Google's most important annual hardware conference, "Made by Google" is still aspect.

(Google hardware scattered in a variety of scenarios)

Last year, Google brought Pixel / Pixel XL and other new products, this year Google in addition to the introduction of Pixel mobile phone upgrade models Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, also brought a new smart speaker Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, As well as the new notebook Google Pixelbook and other products. Here we will tell you one by one.

Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL: Refresh the camera score again

On October 4, 2016, Google introduced the new Pixel / Pixel XL smartphone. And before the Nexus series of OEM cooperation model is different, Google is directly responsible for Pixel mobile phone hardware design and research and development, the product of the decision in the hands of their own (back even did not appear manufacturer HTC's name).

As a new generation of "demonstration" products for Google, Pixel / Pixel XL uses the current flagship configuration, has a first-class camera (once DxOMark Mobile's highest-ranked smartphone), and is the first in the system built-in Google Assistant service Of the models. Of course, these features also directly to Pixel / Pixel XL became the most expensive Android phone on the market.

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced and HTC signed a $ 1.1 billion cooperation agreement, the original involved in creating Pixel mobile phone HTC members recruited under the command. Google has demonstrated to the outside world to build "G" brand flagship mobile phone determination, but also let us Pixel mobile phone is full of looking forward to the future.

As the absolute protagonist of this conference, Pixel upgrade models & mdash; Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL as about the appearance.

Appearance, the two new machine is still used to hit the color of the back of the design (in fact, this is Made by Google hardware, an important design language). It is worth mentioning that the "Panda Color" Pixel 2 XL also has an orange power button, looks very "bright show".

Configuration, the two new machines and the previous forecast of the same, we simply listed for you:

  • Processor: Qualcomm Xiao Long 835
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Storage space: 64GB / 128GB
  • Screen: Pixel 2 for 5-inch AMOLED screen (FHD, 16: 9); Pixel 2 XL for 6-inch POLED screen (QHD +, 18: 9), support for AOD display
  • Camera: front 8 million pixels, rear 12.2 million pixels (f / 1.8 aperture, OIS + EIS anti-shake)
  • Battery capacity: 2700 mAh (Pixel 2), 3520 mAh (Pixel 2 XL)
  • Other: IP67 waterproof, Bluetooth 5.0, stereo speakers, Android 8.0, no headphone jack

Pixel / Pixel XL last year, the two phones with 89 points, became the DxOMark Mobile database camera in the highest score of the smart phone. Although later Pixel / Pixel XL results by the iPhone 8, Samsung Note 8 and other products beyond (there are rules to adjust the reasons). But with the Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL release, the two new machine with 98 points again to help "G" prefix mobile phone recapture the throne.

Even more commendable is that Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL with Dual-Pixel technology so that a single camera can also handle the depth of information, can be said to be "skillfully." DxOMark has released the Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL camera evaluation, interested readers canClick to vieworiginal.

And Apple, Google also mobile phone as an important landing platform for AR technology. At the press conference, Google as we show a more powerful Lens image recognition, AR stickers can make the screen and the real world have a more interesting association. There is no doubt that Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL in the AR on the "native support", will bring it more competitive.

Configuration, Pixel 2 also has some interesting features. First, Google added a feature called "Active Edge" for Pixel 2's new machines, which can be used to wake up some shortcuts (default is to call out of Google Assistant and mute when calling). HTC U11 was also equipped with a similar function (Edge Sense). In addition, Pixel 2 in the lock screen state can automatically identify the music being played, to help users can quickly find their favorite melody.

Pricing: Pixel 2 is priced at $ 649 (64GB) / $ 749 (128GB); Pixel 2 XL is priced at $ 849 (64GB) / $ 949 (128GB). Buying two new opportunities to present Google Home Mini. In summary, the Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL two new machines are more like the perfect version of the previous generation of products, the configuration is still very flagship, the design adds some embellishment elements, and then take pictures is still the biggest bright spot.

Pixel Buds: Smartphone for real-time translation

Before Google on the smartphone to do the news has been a lot, this conference finally saw its shadow & mdash; & mdash; Google will be the first headset products named Pixel Buds. But not the same as before guess, this headset is not the focus of Google Assistant.

As Google's first wireless headset, Pixel Buds uses a minimalist design, according to the picture of the battery and the circuit should be hidden in the earplugs, it seems more like a "completely wireless headset" took a line.

Pixel Buds support gesture control, by sliding, click on the operation can achieve some shortcuts, of course, exhaled Google Assistant is also a necessary skill. Even more noteworthy is that Google provides a "privilege" for this headset: through the linkage with Google Translate, Pixel Buds can achieve real-time translation of the function & mdash; and headphones while speaking through the phone speakers directly translated out , At one go without waiting time.

Pixel Buds has five hours of battery life, there are black, white, blue three colors, the price was 159 dollars.

Two new Google Home, one big and one small

Google Home as Google's future and Amazon in the field of smart home to challenge the capital, in the fall of the morning conference also has a large and a couple of new Google Home device launch, respectively, aimed at the price and music enthusiasts two positioning.

A cheap small, a sound Guards, the following is two new highlights of Google Home introduction.

Google Mini & mdash; & mdash; cheap, cost-effective

The debut is the Google Home Mini for Echo Dot, which is the cheapest player in the Amazon. It's also small and inexpensive to attract a large number of users who do not have obvious preferences but want to use the smartphones. Google Home Mini is priced at $ 49 for a total of three colors (white, black and red), but compared to regular Google Home, this time the Google Home Mini features only the display function and does not support touch operation.

(Three colors for Google Home Mini)

Although the low price of 49 dollars, but Google Home Mini's smart did not discount. Also equipped with a powerful Google Assistant, can be smooth to complete the user's voice instructions. And through the latest Google Assistant service, Google Home Mini can better play a smart home core role, can connect more intelligent home products.

(Source: The Verge)

For example, you can watch your home security camera (via a Chromecast connection) or just say "good night" with the Google Home Mini voice command. The Google Home Mini will automatically turn off the lights and watch the alarm. And even the future will automatically help you tell the story of the child.

Google Home Mini is now open pre-order, October 19 official delivery, the first batch of black and white three colors available, priced at $ 49.

Google Max & mdash; & mdash; sound waves too strong, expensive

Google wants to improve their own smart speaker product line, just by Google Home Mini is clearly not enough, so then followed by a sound and sound effects are "Guards" smart speakers & mdash; Google Home Max. You can see it as "powerful enhanced version of" Google Home, the sound waves are not generally strong.

Google Home Max is equipped with two 4.5-inch bass speaker, two tweeter single speakers, these speakers to Google Home Max provides a normal Google Home "20 times" volume output, which is even more than Apple's previously issued specifically for Music and homePod but also strong.

In addition to the large volume, Google Home Max also provides a better sound, in line with Google Home Max big waves, Google also specially developed a "Smart Sound" algorithm technology, through the sound recognition is around Environment, and according to the collected environmental data to adjust the sound output, so that the best sound better filled the whole room. At the same time, also optimized the smart speaker to receive user voice command ability, even in the case of music is very loud and can be more accurate and more accurate identification of user instructions.

Google Home Max officially opened for sale in December, the purchase of both Youtube Music 12 months free advertising privileges, priced at $ 399.

Google Assistant & mdash; & mdash; listen to the sound, more powerful

As the soul of smart speakers, Google Assistant has also made a significant optimization on Google Home, so that the process of voice interaction is more smooth and natural, the biggest bright spot is that Google Assistant provides similar voiceprint recognition capabilities, which makes Google Assistant executive When the command is more intelligent, more like a real person.

Can be called "Voice Match" function, Google Assistant can distinguish between different users of the sound, and according to identify the user, so the same instruction to make a different response. For example, you and your partner say "call my mom" to Google Home, and Google Assistant will call you and your partner's different address book based on the identified voice and then call each of your different mothers.

And for the launch of the Google Home Mini, Google also optimized Google Home multi-device, multi-room interconnection and sharing, such as for different rooms equipped with different App features, through the broadcast function to all family members to convey messages, link more intelligent equipment.

Today, Google also officially announced that Google Assistant will officially log into the seventh country next week - Japan, still no Chinese, nor support Chinese services (remnants ah).

New notebook PixelBook with Google Assistant

Google this morning also updated their notebook product line, launched a new notebook computer & mdash; PixelBook, known as a multi-functional all-in-one new notebook, at the same time, it is the history of the first equipped with Google Assistant's computer.

Is still a top laptop, as the latest version of ChromeBook, the PixelBook also continued the previous foldable, flip, touch features. And in the shape of the selection and Pixel series of similar mobile phone material splicing style, very beautiful. In addition, Google also independently launched a unique stylus - PixelPen, priced at $ 99, the same powerful.

In addition to the appearance, the biggest highlight of this computer is that it is equipped with Google Assistant, with voice can easily wake up voice commands, and Google Assistant and PixelBook touch pen has depth optimization, you can PixelBook stylus in the screen , And Google Assistant automatically identifies the content and gives the information.

Taking into account the use of the environment, Google also provides a very user-friendly function & mdash; attachments are not available when Wi-Fi, PixelBook will automatically connect to the Android phone hot spots. In addition Pixelbook's life time Google official given is 10 hours, and support fast charge, charge 15 minutes, use two hours.

Intel Core i5 / i7 processor, 12.3-inch QHD display (235ppi), up to 16GB RAM and 512GB ROM, priced at $ 999, the United States, Britain, Canada today to accept reservations.

Fear of artifacts Clips, compact AI camera

Clips is a very interesting little product at the end of the conference, though small, but this product is not easy. This is a small machine with Google Machine Learning technology, which can be used by AI to analyze and learn to identify which of the captured images is an unforgettable moment and save them once. And small form factor allows this device from a lot of interesting angles to shoot, put in many scenes inadvertently completed shooting.

(Source: The Verge)

And through this small device and mobile phone interconnection, you can always look at the phone by the AI ​​camera to capture the wonderful moments, and quickly browse and filter, or even splicing them. With this little device, I believe that your life from here will record a lot of memorable moments from a more interesting perspective.

P.S. This time Google also from the color and material on the Google Daydream View the head of the device was updated.

Use AI to enter the hardware of Google

"AI + Hardware + Software", which is almost the theme of the entire conference. Not just a simple "hard and soft combination", Google also hope that through AI technology to extend the experience of intelligent hardware boundaries, multi-device linkage and more meticulous AI function, will become Google's smart hardware market for a combination of boxing. In the foreseeable future, the product "Made by Google" will be in a number of areas and competitors to fight, let us stay forward.

(Ed.: Rubberso, early Youssevsky)

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