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Very different behind: Microsoft Surface benchmark illusion is disappearing?

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Recently, the United States the most authoritative consumer guide "consumer report" on the Microsoft Surface product line was investigated. The results show that the Surface product line is quite disappointing. Because in the 90,000 Surface users after the actual investigation found that up to 25% of users in the use of less than 2 years, Surface on the various problems, not only the problem continues, and the new Surface is no exception. To this end, the "Consumer Report" revoked its recommendation for Microsoft's four Surface products (almost all of the Surface series).

This move immediately in the industry caused a strong reaction, of course, the biggest response to the parties Microsoft. In this regard, Microsoft is known as "Father of the surface," said Panos through the Windows official blog to respond to the matter said: Although respect for consumers to report this institution, but do not agree with their findings. Surface products have been developed in the past few years, Surface team in order to track the quality, has been using the collapse rate and repair rate and other data to track the quality, and we determine Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book in 1 to 2 years of failure rate and The repair rate was significantly lower than the 25% alleged in the consumer report. In addition, we also track other quality indicators, such as the failure of each device (IPU), through the iterative update has been greatly improved, is now far below 1%.

One is 25% failure rate, the other is 1% of the failure rate, the two statistical results so disparity, who is who?

Here we may wish to look at this year in July another third-party authority J.D. Power released "2017 US Tablet PC satisfaction research report & rdquo ;. The report from five aspects to measure the Tablet PC market customer satisfaction, which accounted for 28% performance, operating simplicity accounted for 22%, 22% of the function, shape and design accounted for 17%, cost accounted for 11% The This report investigates 2238 tablet users with less than a year's existing equipment, conducted between October and December 2016, and Microsoft Surface was rated as the highest-performing tablet PC product , The score than the second in the Apple iPad 6 points higher. This is J.D. Power released "Tablet PC satisfaction research report" 6 years Microsoft products for the first time topped the list, the company scored 1,000 points out of 855 points. According to J.D. Power, Microsoft's victory this year is largely determined by its highest ranking in terms of functionality and design.

Here we do not consider the Microsoft side of the argument, but the contrast is the third party authoritative statistical agencies, to see who's statistics closer to the objective reflection of Surface performance.

First, from the number of users of the statistical sample, the number of users reported in the Consumer Report is 90,000, JD Power is 2238, the former is 40.2 times the latter, and in view of the current Surface series shipments in the millions, we That the "consumer report" is clearly more convincing in the number of samples than the JD Power; secondly, the longest span of the "consumer report" (the time the user is using the device) is 2 years at the time of the statistical sample JD Power for 1 year, which means that the "Consumer Reports" coverage of the Surface series of product lines and users than JD Power more broad, especially in the consumer electronics product cycle is usually 18 months in the case, closer to The user's actual use of the scene and the cycle.

It is also clever to say that when Microsoft and the "consumer report" on the failure rate was out of the time, there are foreign media access to Microsoft's internal memorandum mail, which disclosed the relevant rate of return data seems from the side part of the proof "Consumer report" conclusion. Allegedly, in 2015, Microsoft's first laptop after the listing of the Surface Book, after a few months of return rates as high as 17%. Another product Surface Pro 4 performance is also poor, the return rate of up to 16%. So what exactly is the performance of the Surface series? Especially given to the Microsoft Surface series of praise J.D. Power declared design and functionality.

First look at design. To Surface Pro proud of the internal axis of the hinge design as an example, in fact, this unique design is not Microsoft's first, if you want to trace the source, then Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro should be the founder of this shaft design. In 2014, Lenovo did not have any accessories and suppliers in the case, Yoga 3 Pro above try to create a new spindle mode and a success, the design of the entire shaft needs 813 manual parts assembly, superb degree of people Marvel. In contrast, the Microsoft Surface Book's slewing design is at best an upgrade to Yoga 3 Pro.

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Look at the function, released soon in the Surface Book, the foreign site ifixit dismantling the machine found, Surface Book uses Samsung PM951 solid state hard drive. The latter is based on Samsung's 19nm process, although support for PCIe 3.0 x4 specifications, but it uses a low cost and low life TLC flash memory particles, but unfortunately, PM951 SSD performance is also more embarrassing, especially 128GB And 256GB version, write speed can not break 280MB / s, and this performance is only four years ago, the level of notebook computers.

In addition, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 users face a major problem is very unstable power management. Some users say that when the lid is closed or set to standby, these devices can not normally enter the sleep mode, but continue to consume power, if the user did not take the power at that time it is even worse, but as the flagship device in 2015, this As early as the past decade the notebook manufacturer has been repaired. In this regard, Microsoft has long known that the existence of this problem, after the promise of users in 2016 to solve the problem. But from the latest "consumer report", it is clear that Microsoft did not completely solve the user's problem, although the problem for other manufacturers is already a problem.

If the above is the front of the Surface series of many design, performance, experience exposed on the short board, the latest release of Surface Pro and Surface Laptop also have problems.

For example, in the community Reddit and Microsoft Community have a lot of user feedback, the new Surface Pro even in the active use of the state, without any reminder in the case of sleep will occur. In most cases, the user only needs to press the power button to re-wake Surface Pro, but there is a user that there is data loss after re-awakening, which indicates that the problem is not just the problem of equipment sleep. In addition, there are still light leakage and Huaping, and these are more typical of the bad batch.

The Surface Laptop looks like an excellent thin, but also untimely, after all, the current thin market has developed to a very mature stage, including design, performance, life and many other have been the leader. Although the machine has a unique advantage, but can not constitute the core competitiveness, and Microsoft claims that "balance" on the current thin of this product, will only highlight the lack of product features. From the overall design point of view, Surface Laptop is more like a project for a long time the product, although in part of the design to do with the times, but only nothing behind it. It should be noted that, although only not behind, but the slot is quite obvious. Such as Surface Laptop keyboard design, accused of completely inexplicable bad design, any after-sales maintenance will lead to keyboard and touchpad scrapped, need to be replaced, resulting in increased user use costs.

In this regard, there are analysts said, if the Surface Laptop put a year ago, is definitely a reputation of the sales of products. But in its long overdue year there have been many changes, it is not the mainstream product. Such as Surface laptops or tablet PCs, today does not support the industry has been commonplace USB-C / lightning 3 interface, and in the impact of the performance of the chip speed, and its mainstream notebook and tablet computer manufacturers , Also behind the generation.

Even more puzzling is that although Microsoft said this new product will mainly face the college students, and can accompany the students through the entire university career. But Microsoft to this new price is set at $ 999 (about 6888 yuan), so the price for the student group may not be so much attractive. This is mainly because, whether it is HP Specter x360, or Dell XPS 13 are with the Surface Laptop at the same price, and these two models from the configuration, or design are enough to rival with the Surface Laptop.

To sum up, through the recent third-party agencies and Microsoft's own evaluation of the Surface series, combined with the market facts, we believe that Microsoft may not be concerned about the assessment or praise, but how to design, function, experience, etc. Reshaping the appearance of the Surface series of industry benchmarks, because from a number of facts, especially with other manufacturers to compare, after the surface series of benchmark image is more like a phantom to the industry, and this phantom is also disappearing, which for Microsoft's Surface is the most dangerous.

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