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WeChat payment closure micro-shop interface: strict control of financial risks but involving innocent people

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Who did not expect, with the "micro" and the WeChat and micro-shop so easy to break toward the break. June 14, WeChat paid quietly blocked the micro-shop payment port, causing the micro-shop settled in the collective rebound in business. As early as March of this year, the Economic Observer reported close to the regulators learned that more than half of the electricity service platform in the previous six months have been accepted by the central bank's interviews and window guidance.

However, due to a large number of technical rectification issues involved in the past three months, the micro-shop rectification work to slow down, out of the original intention of financial risk prevention, WeChat payment closed the micro-shop interface.

Public information, micro-shop in January 1, 2014 on the line, under the Beijing Pocket Fashion Technology Co., Ltd. (pocket shopping), the official data show that nearly 70 million businesses. Pocket shopping in 2014 announced the completion of a $ 350 million C round of heavy financing, Tencent involved in the investment of 145 million US dollars, accounting for 10% stake. Other investors include HCapital, Tiger Fund, VyCapital and DST. "Both sides are Tencent background, the thought that cooperation is very strong, even if there have been some risk before the tips, but also thinking that the port will not be directly closed. "A person close to the microblog told the Economic Observer.

As of press time, the Economic Observer reporter called the microcomputer official phone is still no answer.

Merchants normal business blocked

Economic Observer reported in the WeChat to find the micro-shop service number and found that all goods to buy the payment page shows WeChat payment "business adjustment suspended, will be completed after the business upgrade" and in addition to WeChat payment, you can choose to use Bank card payment and go to micro shop APP payment.

In fact, choose to download micro-shop APP to buy goods still have Alipay and bank card payment and many other options. But the economic observation reported from a number of micro-shop businessmen learned that the real choice to download APP to buy the consumer very few.

Micro shop a Shanghai businessmen told the economic observation newspaper, the vast majority of daily traffic flow from the WeChat, and basically all the way to pay WeChat, can not be WeChat to pay the loss of serious, today's single no payment, it is clear to the payment Link the shell. & Rdquo;

"These two days while promoting the shop, while also to answer friends why can not WeChat to pay the problem." "A micro-shop in Zhejiang told the Economic Observer, with a micro-shop without a picture of a free convenience, & ldquo; previous transfer, delivery are not third-party endorsement, buyers do not see real-time courier information, think of a Platform can pay services, logistics information these problems are systematically resolved, micro-shop just to meet this demand. But now micro-shop can not use WeChat to pay, efficiency is greatly reduced. Bank card payment trouble, many customers do not buy, and some put forward a WeChat transfer and then let me in accordance with the address of the demand for delivery, but to do so on the one hand, some people worry about the seller credit, on the other hand communication costs are greatly increased. & Rdquo;

A micro-shop business told the Economic Observer: "These days of poor trading so that we lost confidence in the shop platform, the boss has let us directly replace the platform." & Rdquo;

In fact, in addition to offline payment of WeChat, June 12 micro-shop on the official release of the adjustment of the transaction fee subsidies notice. Credit card micro-shop transactions will charge 1% of the fee, the fee borne by the seller. Micro shop said that the move is to increase the cost of credit card malicious cash, the new charges from June 16, 2017 onwards. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ' Speak, in fact, there is no difference. "I love card editor, senior credit card research expert Dong Zheng told the Economic Observer," so take the direct ban method is not reasonable. & Rdquo;

Increase cash costs to prevent money laundering

"Such as micro-shop such as mobile phone software, naturally there are mobile-side genes." The pattern is very light, only the light mode can bring fast speed. And businesses do not exist the basic threshold of the network, compared with the traditional electricity business platform, the business review to be much more relaxed, the basic information can be submitted to shop. Early introduction of cooperation with WeChat, Alipay and other payment agencies, but the payment agency is only to pay the role of the channel involved, not the platform itself, the account system for hosting. But from a risk perspective, this also provides a convenient space for cash. "A third party payment agency vice president told the Economic Observer," operation, the registration of a business, while binding their own collection account, while the use of credit card cash can be achieved. & Rdquo;

Economic Observer reported in Baidu search "micro-cash out" show up to 263,000 results.

The above-mentioned close to the regulators told the Economic Observer, a similar situation does not only exist in the micro-shop. In a similar business model in the cash ratio is quite high. But at the same time, whether it is micro-shop or WeChat payment are unable to single-transaction on such risks to verify the judge. There are some figures that can be seen, there is an exception in the proportion of transactions, but in terms of a single transaction, it is difficult to accurately determine whether there is cash behavior. "The person said. "Regulators in the attention of the Internet financial risks, pay attention to a lot of electricity business platform in the actual business process used in the" big business "and" l "and" two clear "and" rsquo; Because of the influx of capital, many Internet companies have developed very fast in recent years, but for the sake of regulation, the risk will increase with increasing size when the compliance problem is not resolved. A close to the regulators told the Economic Observer, such as the microblogging platform class business is not a financial or financial institutions, nor have to pay the license, as long as it has the opportunity to disguise in the financial business, it is necessary to be included in the regulation.

The analysis that the electricity business in the balance of the logic of the transaction with the traditional shopping malls are very consistent, are unified to accept the customer's payment, and then distributed to the various businesses on the platform, so there must be money in the platform to stay in the situation The However, from the perspective of risk, the biggest difference between the two is: First, the line under the physical shopping malls are generally regional risk events, the impact is more limited, the Internet is no boundaries, most likely lead to a national risk Incident; Second, the main shopping malls when the road will usually leave a fixed asset, the cost of running the road is relatively high, while the electricity business platform is the majority of light capital operation, the cost is nothing more than point, office supplies. & Rdquo;

The above-mentioned regulators said that "these Internet platforms are now very rapid development, small scale supervision will not be aware of the potential risks behind it." But the development to a certain size, will naturally lead to regulatory attention. These risks are essentially the same as P2P, illegal exchange two clear institutions, as long as the funds on the account to reach a certain size, a runway will lead to the chain of people's livelihood. For this type of institution, the safest approach is to take risks at risk. & Rdquo;

But strictly control the risk at the same time, involving a large number of innocent businesses is also an indisputable fact.

In fact, the so-called "two clear", refers to the payment company or bank first POS machine settlement payment to an individual or a company, and then by the company or individual settlement to the business, such acts are Is a violation.

Objectively speaking, the two clear model does not necessarily mean cash or money laundering. But in this mode, the difficulty of cash or money laundering has been greatly reduced. "Set itself is not necessarily illegal, and even the market just need. Now some of the platform's business model is based on cash out of the logic, such as cash staging. How to define and manage cash is the core. Supervision really want to fight is a malicious cash, such as the manufacture of other people's credit card pseudo-card cash, cash is not yet, etc., and now supervision also began to take some means, such as the number of personal card restrictions. "Dong Zheng told the Economic Observer, but on the platform, the risk of effective control measures should be in the front," such as in the business audit on the more stringent control, for the user's real-name system certification more stringent. " & Rdquo;

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