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(12 hr ago) Samsung is the only one they own the technology industry a complete ecological chain enterprises, but also because occupy every corner of Korean life fall is known as the "Republic of Samsung." This strength of terror makes the Samsung can do your own innovative technology at any level, and today we take a look at the new king of the Galaxy Note's 5.7-inch piece 7 2K Super AMOLED curved screen double.
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(12 hr ago) Apple will release the next generation iPhone products after half a month, a message from Twitter account @the_malignant leaked, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus two basic configuration information has been determined.
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(12 hr ago) August 29, Gome (00493.HK) today announced its 2016 first half year results. Filing shows the first half of 2016, Gome income of 35.312 billion yuan, an increase of 11.42%; net profit of 124 million yuan, down 81.95 percent.
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(12 hr ago) AR by hand tour "Pokémon GO" global hot inspiration, a netizen named Aveline Gregoire's thought of using a Facebook group to play with a live social game, "Chasseurs de livres hunting book by" the group members own "hiding" a book, to posting photos and clues within the group, the members find and read books after the Solitaire can form again & ldquo ...
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(12 hr ago) One from the ILO, "China Labor Watch" (hereinafter referred to CLW) reports, Apple has again pushed to the cusp of public opinion. As this report points out that one of Apple's iPhone assemblers and Master of Science and Technology (Pegatron) there is no forced workers to work overtime phenomenon.
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(12 hr ago) Xichuang Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. announced that it has reached an agreement MBO (MBO) and Microsoft, the acquisition of Microsoft's online network communication technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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(15 hr ago) August 29 pm news, Microsoft executives announced today that Microsoft's online (MSN China) reached agreement MBO (MBO), will become the company's science and technology Xichuang, former general manager of Microsoft's online Zhenyu Xichuang science and technology will serve as CEO, the agreement with effect from August 10, 2016 came into effect.
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(15 hr ago) Now the browser cloud data synchronization capabilities, many users have been using. In many browsers, Norway's Opera browser Although they are a small minority, but still was a lot of diehard powder as will install the software. But now this browser, the official cautioned users wish to change their passwords as soon as possible synchronization. The original Opera browser Just last week suffered a hacker attack, part of the user data has been leaked.
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(15 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, recently, Mozilla called on the EU to reform its energy as applied by copyright law. They believe that now used by copyright law greatly hindered the industry innovation and economic development. Mozilla CIO Katharina Borchert in a blog post noted that the EU's copyright law is hindering their great ideas.
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(16 hr ago) August 29 news, Tencent's "QualiEd · TBS Partners salon themed events," recently held in Beijing. Tencent TBS technical director Wei Xiaohai expressed, TBS is not only open to partners technical capabilities, and open to all content, including content H5 game.
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(16 hr ago) Things rapid rise has become richer so that lights the way up, such as mobile applications, similar to Logitech Pop intelligent switching, as well as Alexa and Siri voice control, etc. Today, Philips introduced the new Philips Hue motion sensor brings a new light on the way the device through the built-in motion detectors to turn on / off individual lights or turn off all lighting.
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(16 hr ago) August 16 morning, China's first satellite quantum "Mo No." launched the Jiuquan space base, and on June 17 successfully returned data.
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(16 hr ago) According to foreign media reported on August 28, Baidu's new all-electric uncover the mystery of driverless cars, this car is the perfect combination of technology and unmanned Baidu Chery EQ improved version of the car, designed specifically for the Chinese market . Previously, Baidu has its own AutoBrain software will be applied on a modified version of the BMW 3 Series. The software is the core of Baidu's unmanned technology, there are driving maps, detect, locate, control and planning decisions and other automation components.
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(16 hr ago) Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile / PC version of the built-in "Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Microsoft Solitaire Collection)" game, which includes a variety of classic poker game.
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(18 hr ago) With Sina Weibo, Twitter and other social networking sites, Facebook is also a public "hot topic", in addition to what topics people talk to automatically list outside, there are still a hot topic behind the manual editing team.
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(18 hr ago) Lost cell phone is a very irritable people thing, especially for those who have a memory of electronic products for important information. Apple products can indeed be carried out to find the location via Find my iPhone, Find my iPad, Find my Mac. However, in reality, as long as the device is turned off criminals, Find my xxx These functions will have no role in the. The thief can then phone another way to dispose of.
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(18 hr ago) In our series of reports before the "Silicon Valley in what emergency" in reference to the largest US network disk Dropbox company had to follow Google and Facebook as the establishment of cultural employee benefits, including unlimited free food, drinks, bus, gym and laundry service .
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(18 hr ago) August 27, reporters learned from the Southwest Aluminum Group, SWA has successfully developed a heavy carrier rocket with a diameter of 10 meters grade aluminum ring, in breaking the world record overall aluminum ring at the same time, also allows our deep space exploration equipment hardware capabilities have increased dramatically. "10 meters overall grade aluminum ring was successfully developed in the country and the world aerospace industry are considered the first case."
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(19 hr ago) Large-screen phone Samsung Note series can be seen as the first, but not all of the big screen's Note. The end of 2011, the first Galaxy Note published. 5.3-inch screen has reached the time limit mobile phone screen size, be classified into Phablet flat mobile phone, a cross-border products between tablet and smartphone between.
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(19 hr ago) August 29 news, recently, users of Tencent QQ members to push members of the exclusive SIM card user research, this action caused many users to guess, Tencent also do a virtual operator?
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(19 hr ago) Most recently on the new Samsung Galaxy Note propaganda machine 7 can be described as overwhelming. Some people think that, although Apple has not announced the fall conference held in time, but already in advance, "OK" is a new generation of iPhone is technically behind the Galaxy Note 7 will be a big cut.
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(19 hr ago) Today, the god Linus Torvalds announced the Linux fourth candidate version 4.8 branch, the candidate version in addition to providing regular driver updates, infrastructure improvement and adjustment part KVM biggest new feature is to repair the power management Intel Skylake BUG.
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(19 hr ago) In an interview, she said, the great pressure of life, rent expensive, hard to find good job. In the nail shop to do a part-time job, they can earn 3000-6000 dollars / month. At the same time, the experience of life, also let her feel deeply the current situation in america.
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(19 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, NASA's Mars year-long survival simulation project ended today, this is the third NASA Mars survival simulations carried out, is the longest time, the experimental results will provide valuable future trip to Mars reference content.
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(19 hr ago) According to "Financial Times" online edition reported that two sources, close to the Amazon to reach licensing agreements with major record companies, early next month to launch a paid streaming music service. Pandora is also about a licensing agreement for the streaming music service with record companies. Pandora has said it plans to release later this year streaming music service, but sources close to the Pandora said it is unlikely to release the service in September.
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(19 hr ago) Chinese civil aviation engines are used in the vast majority of foreign-built or foreign-based technologies, such as the recent regional jet ARJ21 put into operation using GE engines, and is developing a large passenger aircraft C919 using CFM engines.
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(20 hr ago) Recently, the ants gold dress declared its treasure to pay 450 million real-name user platform, launched the "carbon account." This will be the date the world's largest personal carbon accounts internet.
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(20 hr ago) The highly anticipated sandbox universe, the algorithm generates the game "No Man's Sky" suffered bad reviews earlier this month after the release, including the reasons for the developer Hello Games earlier promised last function does not appear in the official version of the game, there are performance issues and bug game and the game pattern repeats, but the most important is the game's trailer and finished out of touch.
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(20 hr ago) "Financial Times," said South Korean computer games industry is facing a crisis because of the rapid development of Chinese competitors are actively swim transition to hand, this change makes the South Korean online game developer overwhelming. The following is a summary of the article.
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(20 hr ago) Slightly disappointing is that this phone does not return to the market at the end of Andrews intelligent machines, but is a functional machine. On the specific configuration, body size is 118 × 50 × 13.5mm, weight 82.6 grams, 2.4-inch 240 × 320 resolution screen, rear camera is equipped with a rare fill light, built-in 360MHz processor, 16MB RAM + 16MB ROM storage combination ...
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